Steven Paul Riddle is a painter of vibrant works of art. His paintings are large, exciting and moving with extravagant colors, lines and composition. You will see this unique style and abstract methods no where else. His use of texture and color are unique and no other painter has utilized these techniques in the same manner. 

Steven Paul Riddle, brings his own panache to create powerful and large format paintings to life. He has turned his back on the common and deconstructs multi dimensional images of natural form. Riddle has liberally and randomly shifted how we view the world around us. The bizarrely denatured forms which come from Riddle's brush creates fresh air in the contemporary Art of today. His unique style, social commentary and bold compositions have drawn much attention to his artwork.

Barbara AG and Steven Paul Riddle own Marion Royael Gallery, located in Beacon, New York and represent and enjoy exhibiting innovative emerging artists as well as a few selected works of their own. They paint daily at their gallery.

Steven Paul Riddle, born 1952 in Santa Monica, California.

"Riddle's work features eye-popping colors, wild forms and outside-the-box composition."  Germain Lussier, Times Hearld-Record, NY
son of man's iPhone, steven paul riddle
afterabbeyroad, stevenpaulriddle
Steven Paul Riddle
NYC Gothic, Steven Paul Riddle
Son of Man Floating into the Gallery Above the Earth, Steven Paul Riddle
agentlemanfromrome, stevenpaulriddle
Andrew Warhola on Bounty Paper Towels, Steven Paul Riddle, Marion Royael Gallery
The Big Easy Stuperman, Steven Paul Riddle, Marion Royael Galery
A Peaceful Day in the Life, Steven Paul Riddle, Marion Royael Gallery
Chasing after the Mad Hatters Tea Party, Steven Paul Riddle
Magical Sgt Yesterday's Tour of White Peppers and Yellow Submarines, Steven Paul Riddle
Steven Paul Riddle, Vendetta for Peace, Marion Royael Gallery
Surrender Dorothy
Steven Paul Riddle, Lennon
Follow Us on Facebook...Alice, Steven Paul Riddle
Steven Paul Riddle, Lady Gaga, Marion royael Gallery
Everyman's Cry from the Wonderful Land of OZ, Steven Paul Riddle
With a Little Help, Steven Paul Riddle
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